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Introducing PACE Marketing by Mediastead

Learn how Mediastead clients are keeping PACE with the future of business. Download our free introductory kit to the PACE Marketing process.

From planning to evaluation, the PACE process helps you define your overall marketing strategy, create the assets and implement your campaigns. Mediastead can assist every step of the way.

Planning and Preparation are key to any successful strategic marketing plan.

Planning creates a series of actions, targeted at a specific audience, sending a specific message, and evaluating success using data.

Preparation evaluates resources available, including marketing collateral, time, energy, and expertise. Before any plan can be successful, Mediastead makes sure the pieces of your marketing puzzle are complete.

Your Brand is your most valuable intangible asset. Successful company brands match their personality and carry a distinct flavor separating them from the competition.

Forward thinking companies are in a constant creative state, and their brands are in constant evolution. Logos, slogans, taglines, corporate colors, fonts and styles are all elements of a much larger brand presentation.

Campaigns and Calls-to-Action is intensely focused on implementation, proper timing, and customization to each potential audience.

Campaigns consist of the “3M’s”; media, message, and market. We identify a highly specific target market, determine what message they need to hear, and what combination of media we will use to transport that message.

Calls-to-Action ultimately determine the success of your marketing strategies, and often the entire business. Have you distributed your message to people who need your product and given them enough information to persuade them to take action?

Sales are way up. Life is good. Mediastead isn’t done.

Evaluation and Effectiveness are critical to our clients and their marketing strategies.

Evaluation is designing a set of measurable criteria critical to success. We call these “critical measures”, a collection of objective data that not only tells us whether our campaigns are working, but how they work and why they are working.

Effectiveness is measured over time. Effectiveness evolves and changes as your marketing collateral ages.

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Mediastead is a proud Pennsylvania based marketing agency. We serve companies nationwide as well as some of Pennsylvania’s premiere companies. Home health agencies in Pittsburgh, veterinary hospitals in Scranton, non-profits in Erie, construction companies in the Poconos, jewelers, retailers, professional firms and artists from across the Commonwealth rely on the marketing support and web development professionals at Mediastead.

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