Website Accessibility with Mediastead

Mediastead has partnered with AccessiBe, a technological leader in website access and compliance, to bring you our customized version of their AccessWidget.

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At Mediastead, we are deeply committed to ensuring our website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. We believe that inclusivity is a fundamental right, and we continuously strive to create a digital environment that is user-friendly and compliant with international accessibility standards. By integrating advanced accessibility solutions, we aim to provide an equitable and seamless experience for everyone, fostering a more inclusive digital world.

Why does your business need an accessible website using AccessWidget?

Here are seven reasons why your business should use AccessiBe’s AccessWidget:

  1. Broad Accessibility: Supports users with various disabilities, including blindness, motor impairments, cognitive disorders, epilepsy, and vision and hearing impairments.
  2. Increased Reach: Expands your potential customer base by making your website accessible to a wider audience, including people with disabilities.
  3. Compliance: Ensures your website meets ADA, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and other international accessibility standards, mitigating legal risks.
  4. Automation: Uses AI to automatically scan, analyze, and fix accessibility issues, saving time and reducing manual effort.
  5. User-Friendly: Provides a customizable interface for users to adjust settings based on their individual needs, improving user experience.
  6. Continuous Monitoring: Performs daily scans to ensure ongoing compliance with accessibility standards as website content updates.
  7. Legal Support: Offers a Litigation Support Package to help businesses navigate legal challenges related to accessibility compliance.

For more details, visit the AccessiBe AccessWidget page.

The benefits of purchasing AccessWidget through Mediastead.

Five compelling reasons to call Mediastead to install your AccessWidget:

  1. Same Low Price: Mediastead does not charge any additional fees. We offer lifetime support at the same price as the DIY version of AccessiBe.
  2. Your Branding: Mediastead will custom-craft the widget to match your website’s look and feel.
  3. Priority Support: In the unlikely event, your widget needs support, Mediastead will be there by telephone, web chat, or email.
  4. Tailored Solutions: Customized accessibility solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs and goals.
  5. Trust and Reliability: As a trusted partner of AccessiBe, we provide reliable and authenticated products, ensuring peace of mind.

Choosing us as your provider ensures you get the best possible experience and value from AccessiBe’s AccessWidget.

Can I get AccessWidget from Mediastead even if my website wasn’t designed by Mediastead?

Yes, in most cases. Mediastead does need limited access to your website’s back end. A small script will be added to the footer of each page. For most websites, the installation can be completed in a matter of minutes. After that, you may revoke access if preferred.

Does Mediastead earn money if I purchase from you?

If you purchase directly from Mediastead, we are a reseller and receive a volume discount on the software. However, if you prefer, you can purchase the DIY software directly from AccessiBe, using our affiliate links, and we earn a small commission. Unfortunately, we are unable to support the DIY purchases.

How to I get started?

Simply, fill out the form below or call us at 215-253-3737.

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