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Alisa Tongg, Celebrant

Alisa Tongg is a wedding ceremony specialist. She officiates dozens of weddings annually across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.
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Wedding days are beautiful memorable events… preceded by a period of very high stress. Whether you hire a professional event planner or try to get two mothers-in-law to see eye-to-eye, your wedding day is one of the most thoroughly planned events in your life.

Alisa Tongg is a wedding planning specialist. Her focus is on the ceremony itself, creating a celebration of life and love. She acts as an officiant but prefers the title “Celebrant” because she knows that her signature on the marriage certificate is a tiny piece of your celebration.

Mediastead worked with Alisa to add those creative touches to demonstrate her love for her work. We fine-tuned her existing website to improve navigation, add new content, and make it more friendly to tablet and smart phone visitors. We recognized that website craftsmanship was important, because her customers want to know she pays attention to the details.


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