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Planning a Grand Opening Celebration or Ribbon Cutting

Hosting a Successful Grand Opening Celebration

Are you a brand-new business just getting started? Perhaps your existing business is branching off in a new direction. Hosting a launch party or a grand opening celebration is a great way to spark momentum, plus create an official start date for your new venture.

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Web-Centric Marketing

What is Web-Centric Marketing?

Six Strategies for Web-Centric Marketing™ In 2003 Jason Tweed coined the phrase Web-Centric Marketing™ to describe a marketing strategy which relies on websites to close

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Get Personal with Postcards

Direct mail marketing has a bad reputation. At one time, “junk mail” marketing was only appealing because it was cheaper than purchasing mass media ads. Today, most of our junk mail arrives by email. People actually take the time to look through advertisements sent by “snail” mail. A postcard is a great way to get in front of people relatively cheap.

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