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Managed Marketing

The Speed of Marketing

“You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.” ― David Foster Wallace This

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Web-Centric Marketing

What is Web-Centric Marketing?

Six Strategies for Web-Centric Marketing™ In 2003 Jason Tweed coined the phrase Web-Centric Marketing™ to describe a marketing strategy which relies on websites to close

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Managed Marketing for Veterinary Practices

Try Managed Marketing with Mediastead. Finding balance between serving clients and promoting your business can be tricky. Too busy with customers, your marketing suffers. Slow your marketing, your cash flow suffers. Marketing is what we do best. Working with animals and their owners is what you do best. Let us help you get back to work.

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Does your web company speak your language?

Marketing your pet care business shouldn’t require learning a second language. At Mediastead, we speak Web, the language of internet jargon. However, we also know the language of veterinary practices and animal hospitals. We create websites and marketing campaigns focused on the needs of vets and your customers. We do things differently at Mediastead.

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Get Personal with Postcards

Direct mail marketing has a bad reputation. At one time, “junk mail” marketing was only appealing because it was cheaper than purchasing mass media ads. Today, most of our junk mail arrives by email. People actually take the time to look through advertisements sent by “snail” mail. A postcard is a great way to get in front of people relatively cheap.

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