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Does Your Website Target Real Customers?

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A mistake made by many small businesses is creating a website that’s focuses on the product more than the audience. Whether you’re selling a service, information, or a physical product, the message gets lost when you lose focus on the true buyers.

Four Artists, Four Customers

We are frequently asked to evaluate websites for artists. Their websites are some of the most fun to build because you get to incorporate the product into the design of the website.

They’re always looking for the same thing… “A unique and aesthetically pleasing method of presenting their portfolio”.

However, much like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, we can begin by talking about their customers. Suddenly, the artist realizes that we are treating their web visitors like a business treats customers.


Let’s take a look at four different artists with four distinctly different needs.

Meaghan the Painter – Meaghan is a fine artist who paints with palette knives on canvas. Most of the buyers are businesses decorating their facilities. Her paintings brighten hospital walls and office buildings. Her portfolio focuses on consignment primarily because her best works are the ones that get purchased first. Rather than concentrating on unsold finished pieces, her website needs to show more of her work that’s already found new homes.

Sean the Sculptor – Sean creates life-size humans out of stainless steel wire. His sculptures are often installed outdoors, sometimes hanging from the sides of buildings. Sean’s customers are also businesses, but usually businesses looking for visually striking pieces that attract attention. His customers are more interested in marketing value than aesthetics.

John the Portrait Photographer – John specializes in photographing actors, performers, dancers and musicians. Additionally he covers many live events. His website is focused on people whom rely on their appearance, at least in part, to make a living. His website has to emphasize that he’s part of the celebrity scene, without looking like a member of the paparazzi.

Emily the Graphic Designer – Talented illustrator, Emily, is a branding specialist. While most of her work ends up in the pages of magazines and on websites, her specialty is creating the raw assets that eventually are used in others’ creations. Her products are delivered digitally rather than as finished pieces. Her customers are web designers, ad agencies, T-shirt printers and even tattoo artists.

Between the four of them, their creations are enjoyed by thousands, yet their audience is a much smaller slice. The more you can fine-tune your business to the narrowest niche, the more likely you are to succeed.

Mediastead works with lots of companies that sell service and/or information, and we specialize in crafting websites that capture the attention of a tiny percentage of the 2 billion people connected online.

Craft your message to a laser focused target audience. Mediastead can help.


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