Planets and Rings

Website Design & Development for SMB

Your website is the center of your digital marketing universe!

Your website is the center of your business solar system! All of your other marketing efforts and campaigns should gravitate toward your website. Furthermore, your website should also be an energy source that enlightens your customers, your investors, your vendors and your employees.

The digital marketing team at Mediastead will help your company take your website to a new level.

Your website should be:

Your SMB website should be much more than an online brochure.

How we do it:

Highly functional websites may include:

Creative, strategic, data driven
and constantly up-to-date!

Ongoing support, web hosting, and maintenance are critical.

Mediastead Hosting & Maintenance provides the following:

  • Plans for monthly, weekly, or even daily content updates 
  • On-demand updates
  • Business-class or dedicated Web servers
  • A 70+ server CDN (Content Delivery Network), for lightning fast websites worldwide
  • Monthly security updates – urgent security updates within days or hours
  • Specialized security to prevent malicious disruption and data loss
  • Three-tiered backup system including off-site backups
  • GDPR, CCPA, PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Accessibility for visitors with disabilities
  • Multi-tiered access for employee and third-party roles.
  • Security Certificates included free and kept updated automatically.
  • Hosting plans as low as $59 monthly with generous storage and bandwidth.

Every Mediastead website is created, updated, and maintained by our team of artists and geeks! Today, managing your website costs less than a single part-time employee.