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Tools for Remote Productivity

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Work from home, individually or with your team.

Mediastead team members work from home offices around the country, and in fact, around the globe.

When we launched in 2013, Michael and Jason made the decision to build an agency using the best talent regardless of their location. Over the past 6 years, we’ve worked with more than a dozen employees and sub-contractors, many of whom we’ve never met in person.

Today’s technology allows us to have meaningful communication from any location, even across time zones.

We use the same set of apps for working remotely with our team as well as our customers.

Our home base is Eastern Pennsylvania, where we have many clients, but we also are able to effectively serve our clients in Pittsburgh, Saint Louis, Madison Wisconsin, Los Angeles and even Amsterdam, often on the same day.

There are four keys to effective teamwork from remote offices.

  • Create a system that your entire team uses. Don’t let teammates choose their own platforms for sharing or project planning. Consistency is critical.
  • Choose apps that are easy for your customers to use. Remember to choose apps for your lowest common denominator. Many of our clients are not tech savvy. We compensate for this by using simple software and writing very explicit instruction sets.
  • Choose people who work well without direct supervision. Working alone is not for everyone. Make sure that your teammates recognize the importance of being as productive, if not more productive, while working remotely.
  • Security is critical. Make sure your company retains possession of all work-related documents and can secure documents in the event of an employee termination.

A case study for working from home

Working from home is valuable, and our experience during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic showed exactly how valuable it can be. Mediastead was able to continue working and serving our clients when communication was most critical. Furthermore, Mediastead helped several of our clients adapt their systems to keep working without endangering the health of their employees.

Creating a work environment that is nimble can save your company millions, not only in daily productivity, but also in the event of a catastrophic event. It doesn’t need to be a national plague. A fire in your facility, extreme weather incidents, or a regional security emergency could all interrupt daily business. Keep your company running and employees out of harms way.

The Mediastead toolbox for working from home

Many of these tools are free or low cost solutions for remote work. If you’re just beginning to dabble individually or as a company with telecommuting, here is a downloadable list of links to get you started.

We will try to keep this list up-to-date. If you have a suggestion, send us an email through our Contact Mediastead form, or use our LiveChat below.


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