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Mediastead’s Work from Home Essentials

In celebration of National Work from Home Day, we're sharing the top WFH essentials that make our day easier and more enjoyable. From office pets to proper tech gear, we've got you covered!

Happy National Work from Home Day!

Mediastead is a 100% remotely operated Digital Marketing Agency.  We don’t have any physical offices, which makes us incredibly flexible, and allows us to work with a wide variety of clients. We are wherever you are, whenever you need us to be there.

Our Work is Our Passion

Mediastead’s founder, Michael Rapino, has been working from home since the company’s inception in 2013. Our Marketing Strategist, Jason Tweed, has decades on Michael, and has perfected his list of home essentials through many years of trial and error! Erica Keisling is a relative newcomer to the team and brings a fresh perspective to the world of working from home.   With decades of experience, we want to be there for you, no matter where you are in the world.

In celebration of National Work from Home Day, we’re sharing the top WFH essentials that make our day easier and more enjoyable. From office pets to proper tech gear, we’ve got you covered! And don’t forget about apps and entertainment – they’re essential for keeping you entertained and connected while you work. Work-life balance is the magic ingredient that keeps you moving forward, so take note of the balance we have in our essentials. An app or comfy headphones can take you so far.

While we all created our own lists, we agreed that there are some universal things that contribute to a comfortable and functional home office:

The right tech for the job.

Every job is different, which means that the right tech for the job varies. Our jobs require equipment that can handle everything from high resolution video editing and rendering to application development. If you’re working on a project that doesn’t require heavy duty software or hardware, a Chromebook may be the perfect fit. We can’t tell you what’s right for you.

Expert Tip:
You know those times when all you want to do is scream, or throw something out the window? The times when something doesn’t feel quite right in your workflow, or you look at the time and realize that a task took WAY too long? Over the next week or two, keep a running tally of every time this happened, what you were doing when it happened, and what caused the issue. By the end of the first or second week of this exercise, you will have a shopping list of new tech that just might make your workday a bit more pleasant.

Office pets.

Do you feel stressed out when working from home? Well, chances are you’re not the only one! In fact, research has shown that having a pet can help reduce stress levels by up to 50%. That’s because pets provide companionship and socialization, which can help relieve stress and boost morale. Not to mention, pets often provide us with an outlet for our energy – something that’s often lacking when we’re working from home. If you’re a dog owner, and are feeling that midday slump, drink an energy smoothie for lunch and take a 15-minute stroll with the pup. Chances are you’ll be more motivated and productive. No dog in the house? Take a walk anyway! Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds singing, and the trees whispering. If you live near an animal shelter, take an opportunity to give back, and borrow one of their resident hounds for a walk.

If you’re struggling to cope with your work from home situation, adding a pet to your family may just help you get through the day!


Connectivity Apps.

We use all the standard tools to manage our work – Zoom, Google Drive, Slack, and Trello, to name a few. These tools help us keep track of projects, stay organized, and communicate with our team members & clients. They’re easy to use and make our work life easier. If you’re not familiar with some, or all these tools, we highly recommend checking them out! This list just scratches the surface of what is available. There is a wide array of options in every category, ranging from free to premium. Choose what is best for you and your situation.

Keep a look out for Michael Rapino’s tool recommendation list! This will be a new series with a parent article that is always kept up to date, which will link to in-depth reviews and walkthroughs when they become available.

Comfort Items.

It can be tough trying to find the perfect balance between productivity and comfort when you’re working from home. That’s why it is important to have the right comfort items. From a comfortable chair that’s good for your back, to water coolers that save you a trip to the fridge, comfort is king when it comes to your productivity. You’re spending many hours in the same chair, in the same room, eyes glued to the same computer screen. Your office must be one of the most comfortable places in your home.

Expert Tip:
Let’s take a page from the architectural book with the concept of form follows style. This principle states that “the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose.” Depending on your budget, go for functionality before style! Ergonomic mouse and keyboard pads, lumbar supportive chairs, foot stool to keep your legs elevated … tools to keep your body in tip top condition. Once function is taken care of, make your space your own. The more you make your home office a sanctuary, the better. You will not only need to be there, but you may also find yourself relaxing in that mid-century modern armchair in the corner, reading the latest book club book, and enjoying a cup of your favorite beverage.

Entertainment. Yes, really.

When working from home, it’s important to find something to do that keeps you entertained. That means finding something that helps you relieve stress and keeps your mind active. to music, enjoying your favorite podcast or playing an instrument during one of your breaks can all be a great ways to relax. Again, what you choose comes down to personal preference. The key is to enhance the quality of your workday and life through the simple technique of allowing your brain to rest and rejuvenate.

Expert Tip:
Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. It is easy to go overboard and create distraction rather than productivity motivators. Keep a close eye on your results! Working from home necessitates self-regulation. Without a third party to keep you on track, that task falls solely at your feet, so be careful not to add too many distractions to your office.

Cluttered Office, Cluttered Mind

If you work from home, are an entrepreneur, or both, you know how important it is to be organized and keep your workspace free from clutter. There are many reasons why you need to keep your workspace clutter-free. First, clutter can cause stress and anxiety. It’s impossible to know what you have stored in your home office if your room is a disaster zone. Second, a cluttered office can mean a cluttered mind. Clutter can cause stress to accumulate and cause you to feel overwhelmed. Finally, a cluttered workspace can make it hard to focus on the work at hand.

So now it’s your turn! Sit down with a pencil and piece of paper and write down what you think would make your life easier, more productive, and happier. As we said in the beginning of this article, work-life balance is the key to success. Apps, tools, comfort items, and décor will make your workday more pleasant, but remember to make time to yourself and your family outside of the office, as well.


And with that, we bid you adieu.


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