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Marketing to Pet Owners, Finding Ideal Targets

About 63% of American households have pets, but this doesn't make them all ideal targets. Look at ways to create laser focus on ideal customers for your pet care company to get the most from your marketing dollars.
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In the US today, 63% of households own pets, so you’re likely to make the mistake of thinking that marketing to them is easy. Advertise to the general public and you will reach lots of pet owners, right?

This technique is known in the marketing industry as “spray and pray”. Marketing to the masses and pray that your audience responds. Even though two out of three families have pets, this doesn’t mean they all need your service.

Your customers must meet all three of these criteria:

  1. They must have interest in your product or service.
  2. They must be able to afford what you’re selling.
  3. They must be willing to spend the money; they must see the value.

As you can see, the number of people who meet these criteria is much smaller than two-thirds of the public.

Furthermore, this also assumes you don’t have competition. Now your product must be more interesting, more affordable, or offer greater value than your competitors.

Suddenly, “spray and pray” doesn’t seem to have a prayer.

Who are ideal pet owners?

Children love animals… but they don’t have jobs.

Families with children have incomes… but also a priority list that doesn’t favor the pets. These pet owners purchased pet food, supplies, and health care, but won’t spend excessively.

Ideal pet households have total income greater than $100,000, and own a home. They don’t have children or their children have grown. These households spend more than $4000 annually on their pets.

Defining your ideal market with absolute clarity gives you the ability to target them with laser focus. Having a clearly defined customer means you can purchase mailing lists or place ads where these potential customers live and work.

However, your ideal customer may differ from the example above. Your medical specialty, ancillary services or unique factors in your community can shift the demographic of your ideal client.

Many of your customers won’t match the criteria of “ideal”. Ideal doesn’t mean exclusive. Ideal customers are simply “targets that give you the best return on your marketing investment”.

Mediastead can help you clearly define your ideal client, then help you market to them with laser focus.

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