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Mediastead Introduces Free SSL Certificates

Mediastead hosted websites now receive an SSL certificate included in their hosting package at no charge.

Introducing Free SSL Certificates

e made the decision late 2016 to require all Mediastead hosted websites to use SSL encryption. Already a requirement for e-commerce and healthcare websites, SSL was considered a luxury for most small businesses.

In 2016 there was a paradigm shift regarding basic website security due to increases in automated hacking. Mediastead has never been hacked, and we wanted to keep it that way.

Many of our clients, however, may not understand the necessity for data encryption as it relates to their business. Therefore, we made the decision to provide the basic security package to all clients for FREE. Beginning in January 2017 we installed SSL certificates on every Mediastead hosted website at no charge. Some companies had already paid for SSL certificates. For those companies we upgraded and renewed the certificate for free, saving them roughly $75 each.

Today, with preventable data breaches and major companies making headlines, we are glad to be among the few companies that make SSL encryption standard operating procedure.



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