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Five Reasons to Flip Over Custom Websites

Many veterinarians today have opted for cheap database driven websites in a can. Your website could be your most valuable marketing tool. Custom websites set you apart from the competition. Click here for ‘Five Reasons to Upgrade to a Custom Website’.
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At Mediastead we design custom websites for veterinarians and animals hospitals. Many veterinarians today look at all the cool features and super cheap pricing of prepackaged web solutions, only to find out later that you get what you pay for.

Here are five reasons you’ll flip over our custom websites:

Branding: Big companies in our industry recognize the value of brand development. If you want to be the next big company, you need a strong brand. If you want to compete against the next big company, you also need a strong brand. Your website should be a cornerstone of your brand.

eCommerce: We have a saying, “Every business is an eBusiness, or it should be.” Millions are spent everyday in internet transactions. The future of commerce will be even more dependent on instant purchases made by PC or smartphone. Today many people don’t even have a checkbook. If your website doesn’t let your customers pay online, you’re losing revenue. Tomorrow, if they can’t pay remotely, you’ll lose their business.

Search Engine Optimization: Every web company claims to be highly optimized, but frankly most of these claims don’t hold up. If your website has identical copy to another vet website, search engines discount both of you. If your website isn’t properly coded for mobile use, it’s not even listed on mobile search engines where more than 50% of local searches take place. Unique content and mobile optimization are essential for good search engine recognition.

Mobile Web: Speaking of mobile, when looking for local companies, people no longer pick up the phone book… they pick up their phone. This is even more true in emergency situations. When people are looking for a vet, they may search the web, ask their friends on Facebook, or try their mobile phone. If they’re looking for an emergency vet, they grab for their phone first. If your website isn’t properly designed for mobile, you’re losing valuable new prospects.

Customer Service: A great website gives the information to your pet owning customers. They have a medical question, send them to your site. They have a billing question, send them to your site. They want to make a payment, check on test results, or schedule routine appointments, send them to your site… unless your site doesn’t have what they need. In that case, send them to one of our clients, because our clients have everything they need.

To stay competitive, you’re going to need a highly functional, well branded and easily accessible website. The only question is not what you need. The question is ‘will you have it before your competition?’

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