Branding or Rebranding your Business

Today brand identity is more important than ever. In the virtual business universe, the perception of your company goes well beyond the front door.

Our process starts with the creation of a formal brand identity and style guide. It will include:

  • proper use of your logo in many possible scenarios
  • trademarks, fonts and color palette
  • guidelines for online and social media branding
  • fine-tuning of taglines, as well as where and when to use them
  • creation of a word skeleton for copywriting

A good sales team, innovative products, or a highly focused niche are great foundation for your business, however increasing sales today and creating stability for tomorrow requires competitive branding.

The Mediastead Creative Team is here to help.

Branding Your Business

Branding is much more than your logo.

Consistency across multiple marketing campaigns

Create a library of assets for agility in sales and marketing

Logos, photos, videos, fonts and colors create your look and feel

Taglines and your word skeleton make for consistent messaging

Whether you’re branding a single product or rebranding your entire business, the Mediastead team will provide creative insight as well as hands-on implementation.

Branding defines the personality of your company and its marketing campaigns. This may include:

employee apparel, branding or promotional products

facility branding and continuity

intra-industry branding

corporate social consciousness policies

influencer marketing strategies

mission, vision, and corporate values

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