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Brand Development & Corporate Identity

One of the most exciting times for your business is the development of your brand or preparation to launch a new product line.

Mediastead’s brand development process will help you create a personality and identity in the eyes of your target market.

Rebranding also can make your business appear fresh and new.

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Branding or rebranding can be a single or multi-tiered process which is determined during your initial marketing strategy sessions. The Mediastead marketing and creative teams will help you craft a plan best suited for your business. Below are some examples you may choose.

Our creative team will help you:

You may choose to create any or all of the following:

Of course, we can assist with all of your digital marketing needs:

Start building your brand with Mediastead!


Brand Identity and Style Guide

Your company will receive a Brand Identity & Style Guide, a detailed document with concise guidelines for the creation of all marketing collateral.

Each style guide represents one company, division, or product. Some companies may wish to repeat this process to cover multiple divisions or products.

Request your free Mediastead Brand Strategy Session.

A formal Brand Identity & Style Guide is an essential tool when creating a cohesive collection of marketing materials, particularly in the fast-paced digital marketing environment. This process will save you time and money.

When rebranding, we will help you create a transition plan. This takes into consideration the history and identity of your current brand. Rebranding gives you a fresh look while maintaining momentum. If your brand has been damaged, you may wish to make a more radical shift.

No, however, many Mediastead clients choose us to design their websites. Our brand development process will save time and money when building your website.

We provide sample mockups of marketing collateral or product packaging. These samples will require further development before production.

Absolutely! Your marketing is fluid, however if you know what marketing pieces you plan to create, we can build that into your initial branding project. We are proud to say that Mediastead specializes in building relationships. Every client deserves a custom package that fits their needs.