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Brand Building with Your Website

Your website is likely your most effective and least expensive element of brand building. A website has advantages over print, radio and television, but that's not even the #1 reason good companies should use their website for brand building.
Branding Your Company Online
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Over the lifetime of your business you’ll spend thousands, and possibly millions, of dollars promoting your brand through advertisement, public relations, and sales materials.

Your website is likely your most effective and least expensive strategy of brand building. A good custom designed website costs a few thousand dollars, and keeping it up to date and active costs a few hundred more.

  • A good quality brochure costs about the same, until you figure the cost of postage.
  • A good quality radio commercial costs about double a web design, but only has a lifespan of six months.
  • A well produced TV commercial, even for a local company, will be four or five times the cost of your website and that doesn’t include airtime.
  • You could go super cheap with a classified ad, which gives you zero brand building power, and has a lifespan of twenty-four hours.

Brand building with your website has big advantages.

  • Virtually unlimited content
  • New content can be created more quickly and distributed more economically than prints, mass media, or even public relations.
  • Out of date content can be virtually erased. You don’t have to throw away your website when your business evolves.
  • Tracking brand building campaigns has never been easier, even with off-line events.
  • It can incorporate the best of all other marketing; video, audio, imagery and text.
  • Content can be distributed on many platforms, anywhere in the world, on demand.

The #1 Reason Your Website Is the Ultimate Brand Building Strategic Tool

Clearly a website has some advantages over other methods of marketing, but a single reason that makes a website the ultimate marketing tool.

Your website can amplify the voice of your customers!

The old saying is that “word-of-mouth” is the best advertising is true. Today, moreso than ever.

Creating a website where your customers can easily share their experiences, a true back and forth relationship building experience between your customers and your company, terms traditional word-of-mouth into a bullhorn.

Good companies let their customers do the talking on their behalf. Good companies communicate with customers more than advertising to them. Good companies convert their customer base into a sales force.

A well-crafted website can turn up the volume.

Talk to the Mediastead team and learn what we can do to amplify your business.



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