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Selling your business at increased value

Sell Your Business at a Premium Above Book Value

To many business owners, their business is their baby. They spent years, possibly decades, building the business and learning from their own mistakes. But now, it’s time to start thinking about selling your company and reaping the spoils of a hard-working life.

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Recruit Great People, Make Them Better, Keep Them Forever

Recruit Great People, Make Them Better, Keep Them Forever

People are your most valuable asset. Regardless of what activities your organization pursues, people are the critical element between success and failure. You’d think with nearly 7 billion people on this earth, finding great people wouldn’t be a difficult task, yet it is. Subtle differences in education, work ethic, and even health can make massive differences to your business in the long run. Ultimate business success comes down to three distinct people processes; recruitment, development, and retention.

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The Speed of Marketing

“You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.” ― David Foster Wallace This

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Web-Centric Marketing

What is Web-Centric Marketing?

Six Strategies for Web-Centric Marketing™ In 2003 Jason Tweed coined the phrase Web-Centric Marketing™ to describe a marketing strategy which relies on websites to close

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Branding Your Company Online

Brand Building with Your Website

Your website is likely your most effective and least expensive element of brand building. A website has advantages over print, radio and television, but that’s not even the #1 reason good companies should use their website for brand building.

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Build your own online store

Building a Successful Online Store

Today creating a store online is relatively easy. That doesn’t mean you should do it. Many people discover too late that managing online store and making it successful can be as complicated as running a traditional bricks and mortar retail store.

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Business Process Improvement

Solidify or Simplify?

Ultimately every business is a series of processes. Improving your business processes is critical to overall success. Should you solidify or simplify?

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