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Customer Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

Customer satisfaction surveys can be powerful tools for insight if done properly. Conversely, a poorly designed tool can lead you in the wrong direction. Today we will share a few simple best practices for customer service surveys.

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Employee Social Media Policy

12 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Employees Regarding Social Media

Is sharing by employees, good or bad? Facebook can make or break your business. Are your employees helping or hurting with online sharing? Businesses of all sizes are at the mercy of social media. Create a clearly defined social media policy for your staff. Here are twelve Do’s and Don’ts to get you started.

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Four Steps to Sell Just About Anything

Writing better sales copy is an easy process to learn, but takes time to master. Try these four simple steps to immediately improve your sales copy. Don’t fall into the same traps other companies make. Turn readers into engaged users and engaged users into customers.

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Competing on Quality of Care

Most vets pride themselves on their education, specialty skills, technology and growing knowledge. Unfortunately, to the vast majority of your customers, quality is very difficult to judge. Generally, in healthcare, there are only two possible outcomes.

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Sales Tips for People Who Don’t Like Selling

Many “warm fuzzy” business owners don’t like being a salesperson or even asking for money. People motivated by service tend to be selfless, an admirable quality, but not necessarily good fiscal policy. So whether you’re a veterinarian, a nurse, a massage therapist or chef, at the heart of your business is service, not making money. Profitability, however, is critical to succeeding in your mission.

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Seven Tips for a Better Facebook Page

Facebook is easy to use and can be a valuable component to your online marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t do a good job of actually generating buzz or, better yet, sales with their page. Here are a few quick tips to give your page a boost.

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Five Reasons to Flip Over Custom Websites

Many veterinarians today have opted for cheap database driven websites in a can. Your website could be your most valuable marketing tool. Custom websites set you apart from the competition. Click here for ‘Five Reasons to Upgrade to a Custom Website’.

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Seven Ways to Get Your Pet Business in the News

Innovative public relations ideas for veterinary services and other pet service businesses can be a great way to grow your company. Getting your business mentioned in the newspaper, on the radio, or on local television can be powerful free advertising.

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Managed Marketing for Veterinary Practices

Try Managed Marketing with Mediastead. Finding balance between serving clients and promoting your business can be tricky. Too busy with customers, your marketing suffers. Slow your marketing, your cash flow suffers. Marketing is what we do best. Working with animals and their owners is what you do best. Let us help you get back to work.

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