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Branding Your Company Online

Brand Building with Your Website

Your website is likely your most effective and least expensive element of brand building. A website has advantages over print, radio and television, but that’s not even the #1 reason good companies should use their website for brand building.

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Build your own online store

Building a Successful Online Store

Today creating a store online is relatively easy. That doesn’t mean you should do it. Many people discover too late that managing online store and making it successful can be as complicated as running a traditional bricks and mortar retail store.

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Business Process Improvement

Solidify or Simplify?

Ultimately every business is a series of processes. Improving your business processes is critical to overall success. Should you solidify or simplify?

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Three Ways to Make Money with Your Website

Every business wants their website to increase their revenue, but for many businesses, your website can actually become a new source of revenue. Here are three techniques for making more money online with your existing business website. You’ll grow sales and, possibly, have new revenue streams.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

Customer satisfaction surveys can be powerful tools for insight if done properly. Conversely, a poorly designed tool can lead you in the wrong direction. Today we will share a few simple best practices for customer service surveys.

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Employee Social Media Policy

12 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Employees Regarding Social Media

Is sharing by employees, good or bad? Facebook can make or break your business. Are your employees helping or hurting with online sharing? Businesses of all sizes are at the mercy of social media. Create a clearly defined social media policy for your staff. Here are twelve Do’s and Don’ts to get you started.

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