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Meltdown Bug CPU Design flaw

The Meltdown Bug – Is it dangerous for my business?

Computer researchers have recently found out that the main chip in most modern computers—the CPU—has a hardware bug. It’s really a design flaw in the hardware that has been there for years. This is a big deal because it affects millions of computers including workstations and servers. Meltdown, and another related bug known as Spectre, exist in every Intel CPU manufactured between 1995 and late 2017. It also affects a limited number of ARM processors. The bug could be present in over 75% of CPUs in operation.

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search engine optimization

How long does it take for SEO to work?

We are asked constantly by clients if we “do SEO”. Good search engine optimization isn’t a trick, technique, or switch we can flip. There are best practices on the backend that we use with every customer. From a developer standpoint, these best practices are designed to prevent penalties more so than achieve specific SEO goals.

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Teamwork in the Mobile Information Age

Teamwork in the Mobile Information Age

Today’s workplaces are highly mobile and device friendly, but building a system of apps and devices is an important part of planning and preparation. Here are some ideas and practical applications for a high-performance mobile team.

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