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Combine Online and Off-line Marketing for Better ROI

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A quality business website can improve your return on investment of your off-line marketing efforts in three ways.

  1. Provide more detail with unlimited time, space, text and multimedia than any other marketing method.
  2. Provide better tracking of off-line marketing.
  3. Impulse buying becomes a possibility where it didn’t previously exist.

How You Can Combine Online and Off-line Marketing

Radio and television commercials used to rely on the audience’s ability to write down a telephone number for instant sales. Websites are much easier to remember. Additionally, smart televisions can even feature embedded links in your commercials.

Outdoor advertisements, such as billboards or sports venue signage, relied on the consumer returning home or coming to your place of business. Today customers can place an order on their smart phone from inside the stadium, opening up entire new possibilities for use of the medium.

Direct mail can be combined with geo-fencing online, making both more effective. Send your direct mail pieces to a neighborhood and have your online advertising delivered to those same addresses simultaneously. Advertising works best when one customer sees your marketing materials on multiple platforms in quick succession.

Automatic responding text messages (bots) can provide more information and instant links, and work with just about any advertising medium.

Hashtag campaigns can use off-line marketing to generate social media buzz.

Keys to Capitalizing On Your Off-line Marketing

Continuity, planning and timing are critical. Make sure that your style, photography, and branding are working in tandem. Having a strong brand identity guide is critical to producing great marketing assets that work well together.

Make sure your web team is responsive and understands your goals. Your website needs to be much more than a static brochure to maximize off-line marketing value.

All marketing should be a series of well orchestrated campaigns, rather than standalone advertisements. Planning is essential.


At Mediastead our focus is on creating direct measurable results in every advertising, marketing, sales or public relations effort. We do this by tying your online presence, essentially using your website as a hub, to all of your other marketing activities.

Schedule a free 30 minute telephone strategy session, and see how Mediastead can help take your marketing to the next level.

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