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Should You Accept Advertising on Your Business Blog?

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Generate Extra Revenue with Advertising Income

Many small businesses spend lots of money on search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media campaigns and content marketing strategies.

Particularly in business to consumer marketing, content marketing strategies revolve around generating traffic to your website then converting a relatively small percentage of that traffic. If it’s done well, more traffic means more sales.

Unfortunately, most businesses learned the hard way that traffic quality is far more important than traffic volume. They are able to generate significant volume, but for one reason or another, a large percentage of their visitors leave without purchasing anything.

Earning Money from Exiting Traffic

One of our clients, a home health agency, provides much care to seniors and their families. Because of this their content marketing strategy includes blogging about Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes, three chronic conditions common to people in their care.

However, lots of people who aren’t looking for home care also visit their website. Teenagers doing research papers, medical professionals, and of course, other bloggers are frequent visitors to their website but are unlikely to need the agency’s service.

The agency is still generating revenue from these visitors. Granted, it’s not much revenue, but advertising covers the cost of their hosting and maintenance for no extra effort.

Somewhat ironically, some of the best websites in terms of ad revenue are the ones who are able to attract the wrong customers. Visitors come to read an article about Parkinson’s disease, and because they aren’t interested in much of the other content they exit the site. Frequently these visitors will exit by clicking another link, and if that link is a pay per click ad, the website earns a few cents. Many high-traffic sites earn less than $1.00 per thousand visitors, but websites that have a high bounce rate (visitors whom enter and exit on the same page) can earn $3-$10 per thousand visits.

Earning Substantial Revenue from Advertising

It is possible to earn substantial revenue from advertising, even if your website is designed to promote your business. There are two possibilities that can generate significant revenue.

High-traffic websites that successfully attract high-traffic or viral traffic can generate thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in annual revenue simply by placing ads strategically.

Industry niche websites attract high dollar value advertisers. If your business website generates a significant audience with a niche demographic, consider allowing sponsors who sell noncompeting products to the same potential customers. A corporate law firm, for example, could advertise computer systems or insurance companies promoting health plans. Companies with high credibility and websites with lots of repeat visitors benefit most.

Geographic niche advertisers will flock to local websites. A veterinary office with a high quality website can attract lots of “pet parents”. This demographic tends to be local, with disposable income, and more socially conscious. It’s the perfect venue to advertise a vegan restaurant or a local theater company. Furthermore, you may be able to team up with several businesses locally and promote your business on their websites.

What’s Your Traffic Worth?

Whether you’re interested in simple advertising systems that generate a little cash from exit traffic, or building a community with substantial advertising value, Mediastead can help.

Creating some simple Google AdSense ads can help you establish the baseline. Mediastead can then help you evaluate the best course of action for maximizing revenue without cannibalizing your customers.

We can estimate the value of your traffic, and offer tips to maximize that value.

Call Mediastead today and asked for a free traffic valuation.


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