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About Mediastead

Mediastead, LLC. is a full service digital marketing agency driven to building better businesses.
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Since our launch in 2013, our mission has been to give our clients out-of-this-world service, pun intended. Senior Partners, Michael Rapino and Jason Tweed, had each seen, firsthand, the frustrations that clients experience with web development companies. We made a list of what separates the amateurs from the professionals. First, and foremost, on that list, was to build strong long-term relationships with our clients. This became our first mission.

What started out as a website development company, evolved into a modern full-service digital marketing agency. We are proud of the progress we’ve made, the relationships we built, and the clients we have served.

Our next mission is innovation! Today, there are many good quality agencies out there. Our competition is catching up. As we prepare for our second decade, we have activities in the works that will allow us to serve more clients and give them more tools and more value. We should succeed. After all, this isn’t rocket science… Or is it?

Meet our team of artists, coders, and geeks!

Michael - Mediastead Team

Michael Rapino

Senior Partner & Creative Director

We’d be literally nothing without Michael, he came up with our name. When one of us “breaks the InterWebz” we call Michael to fix it.

Jason - Mediastead Team

Jason Tweed

Senior Partner & Marketing Strategist

Our most veteran team member has been building marketing strategy since before the Internet was a thing. Jason gives us the power of perspective and is our visionary toward the future.

Erica - Mediastead Team

Erica Keisling

Senior Associate & Graphic Designer

Our artist in residence is also fluent in geek-speak. Erica makes sure this cluster of nerds build websites that look beautiful. Not an easy task.

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